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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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vehicle, went to the door to wake up the family to they'll them the building was on fire. we seen the flames. my husband got back in the house and started pouring water on it. the fire was one of three suspicious fires in the neighborhood and there have been 10 suspicious fires in a six block radius similar in number. the fact we have exterior fires butting against homes is concerning. >> the other two fires fit the pattern, the family woke up to a small fire on their porch and down the street the business was hit and a worker said investigators stopped an attempt there yesterday. they witnessed the suspect trying to stuff newspaper down between the crevasse and light it up. they came up behind them and as that happened the guy took off
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running. >> investigators declined to comment on leads including the video we showed and another video we have not shown. reaction to the video and the possibility of a serial arsonist from the fire victims. a three-alarm fire in berkeley leaving eight people looking for a place to live. investigators stay fast moving fire started in the lower level of the building which houses commercial space on the ground and residential units in the upper level. the red cross is helping residents. to our counting coverage of the deadly flu season. we're learning of more people dying of the flu including two more in alameda county. in california 30 deaths are
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being investigated as flu related. in the bay area we called health departments in every county and the death toll stands at 11. >> that's right. two hours ago alameda county officials confirmed two extra deaths bringing the total to 11. >> almost everyone we spoke with is thinking about influencea. >> i'm more concerned than a month ago. our kids get the flu shot. >> 28 deaths statewide may be flu related. >> i'm concerned it could spread and be a worse problem. it causes complications. >> this afternoon i confirmed 10 people admitted with severe flu. it's this virus the swine flu, it killed 600 californians five
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years ago. >> this is the same h1n1 sly russ that -- virus that was with us in 2009. >> dr. rain gold said last time. we had sparing of the elderly and more of an affect in younger people. why is not clear, making it worrisome for twenty- somethings. >> i rather take my echinacea and my vitamin c. >> public health experts say that's a poor choice for personal and community health that vaccines save lives. why the flu saves lives -- flu kills. the youngest victim is 23 who has healthy before coming down with the flu.
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his coworkers are stunned by his death. >> he was young and healthy, 23- year-old matthew walker found himself in the hospital just after christmas battling the flu. on wednesday he lost his fight. walker's death was a blow to his coworkers in santa rosa. the young man was a popular employee in the store's produce department. i'm heart sick, what's not the like about this guy. young, good-looking, friendly, i don't understand how a guy that healthy could go that quick. he died from complications of the h1n1 virus, a dedicated employee who's death came out of nowhere. very unexpected. 23-year-old is too young to go. he was a great guy, he was friendly. >> along with his supermarket
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job he worked at his fathers flooring company. he didn't have preexisting health problems. >> that just shows you better get your shot. if he takes out someone as young and healthy as matt. good-bye. you have to take precautions. >> even the healthiest people are at risk this year. this young man's death shows why everyone needs to protect themselves. >> our coverage continues on line, scroll down to hot topics and find a list of resources in the bay area to help fight the flu. a hearing in oakland for the teenage boy accused of setting fleishmann on fire on a transit bus. the attorney for richard thomas went to court seeking to have the case sent to juvenile court. the hearing was continued to
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thursday. thomas has been charged as an adult on felony assault and hate crime and his attorney said in adult court the purpose of the law is punishment. >> i think pure punishment without regard to rehabilitation in the case of a minor can have more devastating affects than it would on an adult. the family of sasha fleishmann said it supports efforts to move the case to juvenile court. skies are clear, but that may change, bill martin is here, you are tracking when we may see showers. >> rain in the forecast, i can call it rain, especially in the north bay, it will impact the plans tomorrow. 30 a lot of -- there's a lot of moisture. as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning, here's the
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fog, that's an indication there's the onshore push and the cloud, a little bit of fog, that's 2:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. you see cloudy in the bay area for the entire bay area to san jose, this area right here will drop down over the bay area on saturday. when i come back in 10 minutes i'll give you the timeline for rain, how it will affect your day. what areas will get the we wettest. be the checks coming your way. the 49ers shouldn't be arriving in charlotte in an hour. they play the panthers sunday morning the winner will go go to conference championship. joe fonzie is in north carolina and live in the hotel where the team will be staying. >> you can always feel the level of anticipation in the hotel lobby start to rise as it
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gets close to time for the team to arrive. the 49ers are an hour away. travel is something they have been no strangers to. the 49ers started with a walk through at their practice facility and loaded up the buss on the way to their second cross-country flight in six days. when the 49ers had back to back games in the east they've sometimes spent the week in younstown, ohio to cut down on the travel. i thought about it more than i did. or actually, there was a possibility. it was quick thought and made the decision it was better to come back here. >> it's the nature of being a wild card team. the panthers had a bye week to heal and rest up. the 49ers are coming off a tough game last sunday in green bay. this week they'll play 10
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income the morning west coast time. despite the pitfalls on the road to 49ers are tied for best road record in the league. >> probably the attitude. it's an attitude, an attitude always is good. a strong presence and when you are trying to win games. you have to have the right attitude and has to be the right time. no matter what carolina has to offer on sunday the 49ers can rest aspired this game will be played above the freezing point. >> no question about that, that was the story all last week. we had rain this afternoon and this evening, very different conditions than last week in green bay. more at 6:00. >> you can watch the game on channel 2, our pregame show at 8:30 in the morning followed by fox sports coverage at 9:00 and
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kickoff at 10:00 a.m. and after the game the point after. a farewell to 49ers as they continue their quest for a sixth championship. how the faithful will make their presence known across the country on game day. what a judge's order could mean for the review site and the people who post on it. >> millions more target customers at risk. to growing data breach.
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. continuing coverage of the tata breach of target. it was larger than thought. target is now reporting as many
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as 110348 customer -- 110 million customers were affected. if you shop at target your personal information could have been stolen. how far it has spread and what you need to know. this is the largest retail data breach over, at least that the public knows. business was brisk at the walnut creek target store but the folks have not learned that in addition to the 40 million hacked in december, other personal data for another 70 million were lost. we're up to 110 million. that's a third of the united states population. >> it's crazy to think someone was able to find out this information. two target shoppers were not among the first 40 million. i didn't think about that today. now i'm scared. >> everything is out there.
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i would imagine just about anyone is susceptible to this. that makes me uncomfortable. two other target customers were compromisinged. i had to close my account and receive a new credit card for the account. >> it's not the fault of honest people and honest businesses. this is unfortunately an organized criminal. >> e-mail and phone scams are surfacing where those who stole the information are revictimized the victims. >> phishing e-mails will be the high to get information from the recipients. >> how about free credit monitoring. >> it will not stop i.d. theft. it will let you know sooner after it's too late. what's the best way to protect your credit? freeze your credit.
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>> despite the credit breach, target expects sales to be down 2 1/2% because the company saw stronger than expected sales before the announcement was made. google g mail users can receive messages from google plus. some say that's troubling because the feature allows google plus users to send messages to g mail users. google should allow g mail users to agree to receive messages than to change their setting to block messages. two men accused of operating a sex traffic award in hayward were in court today. they did not enter pleas. they are accused of running a sex trafficking ring out of two
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motel rooms. they arrested the two after a tip from a 14-year-old girl who had been forced to work as a prostitute. the suspects are accused of committing sex acts with the victims. new video as concord firefighters got to the scene of a fire. this fire started along a fence on lisa lane this afternoon. no word on the cause of the fire. the state health department is rebuking radiation concerns on the san mateo coastline. radiation levels are naturally occurring. let's talk about the weather. the last time it rained was
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about a month ago. >> no significant rain and this rain tomorrow is not significant. it's significant because we haven't had much, but it's light. in the north bay maybe a quarter of an inch. it looks good, but most of the activity will be north of here. north of this redline is where it will go down. we'll be on the south end of the strongest dynamics. we'll look at lighter amounts of rainfall. the clouds are thickening. the higher clouds are indicative of the system. temperature kind of mild out there, so-so evening with beautiful sunset. partly cloudy tonight, more clouds and showers return tomorrow. sunday we return to a dry pattern. next week a dry warmer pattern.
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we have swell to talk about. the ocean swells are picking up. large surf, be careful for rip currents. the weather is nice, people are out at the beach more. be careful when the swells show up. here's the computer model. 6:00 tomorrow morning is not a big deal. the roadways will be wet. as we move forward we get to 11 a.m. .10 for the bay area. slides into the south bay, .05 around 2:00 and it's through. lingers in the mountains, a snow advisory in the lake tahoe area. temperature will come down, temperature in the upper 50s.
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and just one of the deals it starts off cloudy. the afternoon, after 3:00 mostly sunny. the morning hours the system comes in, look for wet roadways and temperature to not be in the 60s and low 70s. showers likely on saturday. as we move into sunday the football game to talk about in charlotte. it's raining right now, on sunday it will be in the mid- 50s at game time and mostly sunny. really a good pattern for the football game. in seattle, the big game, they are playing new orleans. they are playing tomorrow and they will have wind and rain up there at the seahawk stadium. that be interesting. for the niner game the weather couldn't be better. >> go saints, go niners. >> thanks bill. a terrorist invited to
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capitol hill. we asked about that questionable invite. hundreds of pages of documents released. what they reveal about the scandal threatening chris christie's political career. nearly killed by the flu. >> terrible, in the hospital for 11 days. >> despite the risk this woman won't get the flu shot. >> it's the catch of the day, the buzz about this freezing frenzy. teriyaki! ♪ $5 footlong ♪ januany, any [ male announcer ] subway. eat fresh.
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. hundreds of documents were released today. 900 pages of documents were made available investigating the role of the controversial lane closures of the george washington bridge. police officials were not given details and christie staffers scrambled to do control after the closures. controversy after a speaker is accused of being a member of the terrorist group. at the time of the briefing we had no knowledge of the allegations and this individual did not show up. >> barbara lee was surprised that one of the scheduled speakers was denied a visa to
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enter the country. the treasury department said the founder gives financial support to al qaeda in iraq. >> we're not a group hiding somewhere had the hills of afghanistan, we're paced in geneva and dealing with the u.n. >> despite being named a terrorist the founder denies the charges. barbara lee was one of three representatives and said roth less was not in charge of the guest list. the u.s. economy added 74,000 new jobs in december after averaging 214 new jobs over the previous four months. the unemployment rate declined to six built 7% -- 6.7% but probably due to fewer people
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looking for work. stocks were mixed as some investors reacted to the report. the dow was down. the nasdaq was up and the s&p was up. a new report to wine industry credits the wine for playing a role in driving the economy. wineries contributed 13 1/2 billion dollars to the county's economy in 2012. the county economy is at $20 billion. the economic impact of wineries has grown in recent years. in 2005 there were 200 wineries, today there's 550. a mosque is evacuated. that building is far from safe. >> a teenage girl killed in a deadly crash. the account from a man who tried to save her seconds after
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it happened. >> people are buzzing about a popular web site. we'll tell you changes could be on the way for yelp. lost and then found. the storm led to the discovery of this diamond ring.
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. authorities say speed was the factor in a crash that claimed the life of a 17-year- old girl. a witness tried to save her. that witness knew it was bad. really bad when he first approached the girl. the tame girl crashed the car into a pole along maritime street at 7th . eric is live near the scene with how the witness tried to save the young girl. >> he and others rushed to the scene when they saw what happened. he was just getting off work at the port when he pulled up on the wreck right after it happened on maritime street. that witness returned to the scene in the last 90 minutes or
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so. the coroner's office identified the victim as kaitlyn benson, she was with another 17-year- old girl when the crash happened after midnight. either -- neither are from oakland. benson was in the driver's seat. both girls were initially unconscious but the passenger came two. a number of people tried to help the girls but they knew it was bat. >> it was smashed, it was pretty bad. it was a bad accident. the car was still running, they didn't want it to blow up, a lot of people broke in to open the hood. took a spark plug way off so the car could shut off. >> no witnesses stayed behind to talk to officers about what happened. investigators looked if there was a side show or street race.
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they believe speed was a factor in the crash. i can tell you there's an outpouring of grief over the death of kaitlyn benson. the other girl was listed in critical condition at a local hospital. >> the highway patrol is looking for a pickup truck involved in a dead see crash. right near the connector ramp. traffic backed up for miles while the chp investigated the crash. the motorcycle may have been clipped by a pickup truck. >> he was traveling for some reason and went down. after he went down he was hit by another vehicle. we're looking for a blue silverado. >> investigators say that chevy
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truck may have front-end damage. the motorcyclist name has not been released. police in santa rosa is investigating the death of a 19- year-old that was shot in the head last night. he has links to a street gang but has not determined if the killing is gang relates. a potential showdown in rimmond over the future of a mosque that the city is unsound. it's in a world war ii era building. city officials say it should be shut down after a crumbling roof and code violations were found. members of the mosque are vowing to fight orders to vacation the property. a legal decision puts yelp user who's don't give their name in a hot seat. there's a push for people to
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give their name. how the san francisco company is responding. >> it's not hard to walk throughout oakland and find local businesses displaying yelp stickers to door. negative reviews can hurt business and that's what happened in virginia where a carpet cleaning business took yelp to 'business. on owner wanted the names of seven negative reviews. he said the reviews were not from real customers, the judge agreed and yelp has to reveal the identities of the reviewers. >> there's something to be said about being unanimous and protecting yourself and having the right to say. but there's the libel side. are these people customers, are these people being paid to say
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these things. >> i reached out to yelp for a comment. in other states including california they have shown support for citizens first amendment right and this ruling should have no impact on these states. we know yelp is planning to appeal this ruling in virginia. live in oakland. >> today new mortgage rules went into affect aimed at protecting borrowers from abusive lenders. can a borrower realistically afford a mortgage in the long run. lenders are forbidden from offering interest only payments and terms longer than 30 years. the new rules did not require a minimum down payment. first time buyers of a better chance at getting a loan. >> the lead contractor for the
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failed web site is getting replaced. gliches made it impossible to navigate now the contractor cgi federal and promising a smooth transition. exchanging handcuffs for caps and founds, only on two, how about a area jail is the first in the nation to help the inmates graduate. how a fallen bay area police officer is honored by the town he once served.
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iran says it's closer to an agreement on a deal. a deal calls for capping the enrichment program. reported sexual assault are declining at military academy. last year 70 sex assaults compared to 80 the year before. officials can't be sure if it dropped or reporting decreased. some happened off campus. each academy has a sex assault
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report leader. >> sexual assault is a crime and has no place at the academy has it has no place in our armed forces. >> the pentagon says all the service academy are working on plans to prevent sexual assault. thousands of married same- sex couples in utah will be eligible for benefits. eric holder said the federal government will recognize 1000 same-sex marriages in utah. they took place for a week after a judge overturned utah pan on same-sex marriage. the ruling was appealed and now u.s. supreme court has put same- sex marriages on hold. an arrest in a homicide that happened three years ago. they arrested 36-year-old ngyn
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yesterday. three years to the day of the all that claimed the life of joe hernandez. he was a fourth year medical student. he was beaten to death at temple nightclub. he was an innocent bystander. the suspect assaulted the victim and the victim passed away. >> investigators did not release many details. they say they've had surveillance video of the suspect. new freeway signs in valeo where a stretch of highway is renamed. on highway 37 between 80 and 39. he was shot and killed in 2011 while chasing a bank robbery suspect. the cost was covered by donations from fellow officers.
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the suspect henry smith was caught and is awaiting trial. a high school student closer to the winter games. fans frenzy. 49er faithful get ready for the big game. a unique graduation for inmates. back after the break. we'll have the timeline for the saturday rainfall and we'll look at sunday.
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. we just spoke with joe fonzie, the 49ers plane just landed in north carolina. the panthers and niners kickoff in less than 48 hours. some 49er faithful made sure the team had a 49er send off. just outside the stadium a final -- stadium a final walk- through. fans waiting for them on the outside. you have to support the team. i was out here last year at the same time. i want to show them love. >> bags were packed and frank gore and company rolled off to
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the airport. designation carolina. fans promoted a tailgate takeover on sunday? charlotte it is the home of the panthers if there's a concern for dillon. >> cam newton being able to run. he has faith in the foot of phil dawson. >> you have to embrace the situation, my mom would enjoy it not coming down to a field goal. whatever it takes. it's a 1 game season every week. >> 27-19 niners. >> i think this is the year, i think this is the one. >> with that san francisco fans hope this 49er charter plane touches back sunday night with a v for veggie and a spot in the -- victory and a spot in the championship game. >> nancy pelosi has made a
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playoff wager with north carolina congressman, if the niner win she will receive bojangle chick en-- chicken. if the panthers win she will send the congressman sour dough bread. a sophomore could to be way to olympics. she's in second place at the national figure skating championship. that puts her ahead of all three skaters from the 2010 olympics. if her final score tomorrow is amorning the top three shell go to the olympics. the cold blast led to the discovery after a treasure a couple lost years ago. they had the same problem a lot
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of folks in chicago faced this past week. frozen pipes. in the process of repairing the pipe they came across the wedding ring. they set out to find the rightful owner of. she tracked down the previous owners. >> i asked had they lost a diamond ring. >> yes. >> he said she did. i asked if it had sapphires. he was just, he kept gasping. >> louise and randy searched for that ring and assumed it was lost at a family gathering five years ago. >> yesterday we showed parts of niagara falls was frozen over. this is the. >> i agha river -- >> i agha river. it is making for spectacular views. you can see it in the day and
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night. when colored lights light up the niagara falls area. these are the highs today. the national weather service recorded these numbers. 66 in livermore. 63 in morgan hill. pretty warm out there today. temperature tomorrow won't be as warm because of the cloud cover. in a perfect world it could get us rain. the dynamics will be north of this rain. they will have rain in seattle, and wind too. for us we're on the south end of this. it's a pattern change. you see the high clouds, the wind direction. okay, it looks like it's the beginning of something, looks
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like winter. the system doesn't have a lot of carry with it. tomorrow showers likely, we could see a quarter inch in the north bay. san francisco, oakland, a 10th of an inch. and the south pay .03. as we head into the bay area monday through wednesday it warms up and the temperature heat up. we're back in the upper 60s, maybe low 70s. we need to get more weather in here. there's something behind this. here's how it looks. they are skis up there. this system will deliver four to 8 inches. maybe a foot of snow and that would be great news. if you are traveling to the mountains tomorrow morning it will be maybe sketchy. chain control on 80 tomorrow in the morning hours until noon. fog to the coast tomorrow
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morning. scattered showers, there's system. 11:00 a.m., if it's raining in the north bay, san mateo, the morning, mid-morning raining. oakland gets the heaviest rain 1:00 and slides through san jose around 2:00. it's a quick mover and it's gone. sun comes out and the sunsets. 58 in napa, cooler, we have the upper 60s today. tomorrow is upper 50s because of the cloud cover. we could get more than a quarter of an inch. that would be great. you saw how fast it's moving. it will be hard to deposit a lot of rain. there's the five-day forcast. take a peek at the charlotte forecast. that's a big football game. the seahawks have a wet game. windy, that will be an issue. and for our game in charlotte
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the weather looks great. it's a weekend that kind of looks like winter. still, be nice to get more than that. when all is said and done, just a 10th of an inch. maybe a quarter of an inch. we're 20% of average. we need inches of rain. >> okay. thanks. celebrating a big accomplishment. >> something i thought i wasn't going to accomplish. feels good. >> how a bay area jail is helping inmates accomplish a goal they never thought they would do. >> back with more on what we're working on for 6:00. >> the flu puts a woman in intensive care. she pulled through and we uncover why she won't get a flu shot. here at fisherman's wharf. herring is making a comeback. these and more in 10
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minutes at 6:00.
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the ship will be taken away and taken apart for scrap. ports in italy, france, turkey and china are bidding for the contract. the ship hit a reef two years
5:55 pm
ago and capsized killing 32 people. a former detainee is suspected of leading one of two groups that led the attack on the consulate on benghazi. today the state department designated two libyan groups at terrorist organization and one group was led by a militant held at guantanamo. the president is considering more than 40 recommendations, he's expected to announce curbing spies on foreign leaders and stripping the nsa on the ability of storing phone data. two nfl players violated concussion rules last week. one was david back tar 83, he
5:56 pm
went back -- backtiara. >> the other was keenan lewis who remained on the sidelines but did not get on the field. a new app is serving on the tool to keep crime victims aware of their person traitors. it's aavailable to anyone interested in keeping up with the status of anyone in jail. if they change location or released users will be alerted. it was launched in honor of an kentucky woman killed by her ex- girlfriend. we go behind bars as inmates get caps and gowns. the inmates received their high school diplomas and ged. it's the nation's only jail
5:57 pm
charter school. the ceremony gives graduates new hope for the future. >> san francisco jail inmates traded handcuffs and orange jump suits for tassels. 32 in custody inmates received their ged or high school diplomas. i feel good, feel like i accomplished something, i feel good about myself. >> i feel great. >> i feel fantastic. their hope is for a new start upon release. being part of the solution and no longer part of the problem. >> a lot of jobs you have to have at least a high school diplopia. down the hall three female students battle nerves. >> i did it for my dad that passed away. i promised him 11 years ago i would do it. i finally did it. i'm very emotional right now.
5:58 pm
family members came to cheer on the grads. >> we actually have the most educated jail population in the state of california and in the united states because we have a high school that i'm bedded. >> if i can do it, anybody can. >> the hugs and photo ops were the first bit of physical contact in months. >> i'm very proud to see my daughter, the last one to graduate. i hope it's a stepping stone. >> the jail charter school graduates 150 a year, in san francisco. ktvu. now, the lines are growing at pharmacies and doctors office as more and more people decide to get the flu vacine. >> under cover of darkness, someone starts a fire that
5:59 pm
burns a nearby house, and police say this person may have done it 10 times before. the search for a possible fire bug. >> a flotilla of fishermen. after one thing, the small fish that's big business right here in the bay. . fears about the flu are prompting more people to get vaccinated as word spreads about the spike in flu-related deaths. >> two more flu-related deaths were confirmed, this time in alameda county. we don't know the ages or genders this brings the total number of deaths to 11. almost every county has reported at least one death. alameda county has the highest number. there's been two deaths in marin and santa lara -- clara
6:00 pm
county. the one fly death -- flu death in sonoma was 23-year-old matthew walker. he went to the hospital right after christmas suffering from flu symptoms. he died on wednesday. coworkers say walker was well- liked and a dedicated employee and appeared healthy. >> that just shows you better get your shot. if it takes out someone as strong and healthy as matt. good-bye. you have to take precautions. >> while it appears flu cases are up,th is experts don't expect the are you in the peak until february or march. >> bay area hospitals are seeing a jump in patients. some in serious conditions. john is live in oakland why --


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